Tooth Extraction Memphis TN

A tooth extraction, although a treatment of last resort, is often deemed necessary when there is overcrowding of teeth, advanced infection or extensive damage to a tooth. Memphis dentist Dr. Elizabeth Lee can perform a tooth extraction in our dentist office and offers tooth replacement options when needed to restore a functional smile.

Tooth extractions are completed in a single visit using a local anesthetic for your comfort. Dr. Lee will go over all aspects of the procedure and address any anxiety you may be feeling. Typically, the extraction is quick and causes minimal discomfort. We will provide post treatment care instructions to help you recover quickly and avoid any complications.

Tooth Replacement Options

If the tooth being extracted needs to be replaced, Dr. Lee offers a full range of replacement options and will work with you to determine the most suitable option for your unique needs. Dr. Lee places dental implants and also offers cosmetic dentures and dental bridges to restore full function and natural looking aesthetics to your smile after having a tooth extracted.