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Despite the growing range of choices for replacing missing teeth, dentures and partial dentures are often the right solution for many patients. Advances in materials and techniques have transformed today’s cosmetic dentures and partials so that they can offer patients a more natural looking and comfortable result.

Types of Dentures

Memphis dentist Dr. Elizabeth Lee will work with you to determine the most suitable tooth replacement option for your oral health needs and cosmetic goals. During a consultation, she will thoroughly evaluate the state and function of your dental health with the goal of recommending treatment that will restore a healthy, secure smile and give you back your quality of life.

Dr. Lee provides all types of dentures, including implant secured options for a stable result:

  • Partial Denture: similar to a dental bridge, a partial denture replaces several missing teeth.
  • Full Dentures: used to replace all of a person’s upper or lower teeth.
  • Implant Dentures: permanently attached to the jaw using dental implants, implant secured dentures provide the highest rate of patient satisfaction.

Benefits of Implant Secured Dentures

Dental implants have quickly become the most popular option for tooth replacement . They can also be used effectively to permanently secure a denture or partial denture for superior results when compared to traditional techniques and options. They provide several key benefits for both health and lifestyle:

  • Reduce bone loss and shrinkage in the jaw
  • No slipping or fear of teeth “falling out”
  • Enables a healthy, varied diet
  • Normal speech for confidence in social settings
  • No need for the use of daily adhesives

Schedule A Consultation

Replacing missing teeth as soon as possible is the key to avoiding the cascade of problems often caused by tooth loss. We welcome new patients to our Memphis dentist office and work with those who are suffering with poor oral health and dental problems due to anxiety and fear of the dentist. Dr. Lee can help you to restore a smile you are proud to share and that will give you back your quality of life. To learn about dental implants vs dentures and bridges, schedule an appointment with Dr. Lee.

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