Missing Teeth Memphis, TN

Missing teeth can have a dramatic impact on both your dental health and your daily quality of life. Even just one lost tooth can affect speech and the ability to enjoy a varied, healthy diet. Memphis dentist Dr. Elizabeth Lee offers tooth replacement options, including dental implants, to restore your smile and your appearance.

Dr. Lee provides individualized care for replacing missing teeth- there is no “one size fits all” approach for restoring your unique smile. Our goal is to help you get back the smile you desire; one that is functional, healthy and will enable you to enjoy best quality of life each day.

Treatment Options for Missing Teeth

Dr. Lee offers a full range of treatment options for replacing one or more missing teeth and can also help patients with poor fitting dentures secure their smile with dental implants. After a consultation and evaluation of your dental concerns and cosmetic goals, Dr. Lee will recommend the most appropriate option for your smile.

Why Replace Missing Teeth?

Even just a single missing or lost tooth can have a detrimental effect on your oral health. When a tooth is lost or removed due to trauma or infection, the tooth root is also lost and jaw bone in the area begins to shrink. This leads to a more aged appearance over time and also allows existing teeth to shift and affect the bite. Prompt and effective tooth replacement can prevent this from occurring, especially when dental implants are used.

Your teeth play an important role in your physical well being. Healthy teeth help you to maintain a healthy lifestyle and reduce the incidence of periodontal disease and other dental problems. Dr. Lee will work with you to replace missing teeth and restore your smile for lasting dental health and confidence in your appearance.