Treating Tooth Decay

Chances are you will have some level of tooth decay at some point in your life. Most adults in America develop a cavity and need restorative treatment to repair the damage to the infected tooth. Memphis, TN dentist Dr. Elizabeth Lee provides comprehensive oral care for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of dental cavities.

Tooth decay is progressive. It begins in an isolated area that is barely visible to the human eye. As it advances, the decay spreads and eats away at the structure of the tooth. Tooth decay can lead to eventual tooth loss, and patients with untreated tooth decay are at greater risk of developing gum disease.

  • Dental Fillings:
    Mild to Moderate Tooth Decay
    Caught early, tooth decay can be treated conservatively. Dental fillings are a common procedure that can repair the damage caused by decay and stabilize the structure of the tooth. For mild to moderate tooth decay, Dr. Lee may recommend a dental filling. Our Memphis dentist office provides white fillings that can be color matched to your natural teeth for discreet results. Dental fillings are highly durable and can last a lifetime with proper oral hygiene.
  • Root Canal:
    Moderate to Advanced Decay, Infected Root Canal
    If left untreated, decay may advance and enter the root canal. Once infected, the infected tooth may become extremely painful. An infected root canal will require a root canal procedure. Dr. Lee will make a tiny hole in the tooth to remove the internal infection. Once the infected root pulp is cleared out and the inside of the tooth is cleaned, Dr. Lee will fill the tooth with a synthetic material to prevent further infection. For many patients, a dental crown will be needed to stabilize the structure of the tooth. Root canals are preferred over tooth extraction because it can preserve more of your natural teeth.
  • Tooth Extraction:
    Advanced Decay, Compromised Tooth Structure
    If the structure of your tooth is compromised due to tooth decay, Dr. Lee may recommend extracting the tooth. Dr. Lee offers dental implants for the most natural tooth replacement options. Dental implants act like a root system to secure the structure of your smile and prevent deterioration of the jaw bone. Dental implants provide long-term oral health benefits for years of beautiful smiles.

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Regular visits to our Memphis dentist office can help prevent the development of tooth decay. Biannual dental visits allow for early diagnosis so that you may avoid the need for advanced procedures such as tooth extraction and dental implants. Dr. Lee will work with you to meet your cosmetic goals and restore your oral health. Contact our Memphis dentist office today or schedule a consultation online.